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FUE Hair Transplants: Side Effects, Cost and Safety

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Have you thought about getting one of those FUE hair transplants but want to know a bit more about the procedure such as how safe it is and what the side effects are? Any Follicular Unit Extraction transplant is a complex procedure and in this article I’ll cover common questions you may have about the …

Hair Regrowth Surgery – The Side Effects and Risks

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One of thе mоst соmmоn соmрlaints that mеn have abоut theіr appearance is hаir lоsѕ. Thіs can ѕtаrt аѕ eаrly aѕ а man’s lаtе teen yеars and contіnue thrоughоut adulthood. Thіѕ makеs hаіr restоratіon one of the moѕt ѕоught аfter рlaѕtic surgеrу рrосеdurеѕ. Whеn реоplе loѕе thеir hаir іt doesn’t juѕt fall оut оnе at …

Why You Should Not get A Hair Transplant – The Downsides

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Many believe that a full head of hair enhances the attractiveness of a person. Without hair, a person might even look very strange. For this reason, some people who lose their hair decide to get a hair transplant. There are some disadvantages of hair transplant. Nevertheless, some still go ahead with this painful surgery. According …