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Herbal Treatments For Hair Loss – Do They Work?

herbal remedies

Lots of us spend a small fortune on hair products in order to make our hair look its best. Some of us are desperate to halt hair loss or cause new hairs to grow, so end up trying loads of different shampoos and products in an effort to stop thinning hair. Hair loss is largely …

Stress and Hair Loss: Will it Grow Back?

stress and hair loss

Losing an excessive amount of hair because of stress can cause a person to feel insecure and in some cases they feel devastated. You may ask yourself: will it grow back? Many people take pride in their hair and choose to cut it, color it, and style it in such a way to show off …

Help! I’m Not Coping With Hair Loss – What To Do To Help

coping with hair loss

Losing your hair can be traumatic,and many people don’t realize how much of an effect it can have on the sufferer. Even the thought of saying to someone “I’m not coping with hair loss” seems impossible and off-putting. People think to be good looking you have to have a full head of hair. Thankfully some …