Why You Should Not get A Hair Transplant – The Downsides

Many believe that a full head of hair enhances the attractiveness of a person. Without hair, a person might even look very strange. For this reason, some people who lose their hair decide to get a hair transplant.

There are some disadvantages of hair transplant. Nevertheless, some still go ahead with this painful surgery. According to Wayne Rooney, the renowned footballer of England:

“Despite all the abuse and teasing I like my new hair.”

hair restoration surgeryWhile hair transplant surgery is a fairly straightforward procedure, there are minor complications or side effects that one can face after the hair transplant.

The complications and reasons why not to get a hair transplant, are given below:

Thinning of Hair

After hair transplant surgery, the most common post-operative side effect is that hair sometimes grows in thin and will continue to be sparse even if major regrowth is achieved.


Another side effect of hair transplant surgery may include some bleeding. Putting pressure on the area will usually stop the bleeding. In rare situations, the bleeding does not stop so it might be necessary for the surgeon to do some extra stitching to close the wounds.

Localized Pain

The most common effect of hair transplant surgery is pain. After a hair transplant, most of the people feel pain in their head that can reach down to the face and neck.

Itching Scalp

Another side effect of hair transplantation is itching which occurs on areas affected by hair transplant surgery. It should not last more than a few days. Using shampoo to wash your hair every day will help with this problem.

Swelling of Head

After hair transplant surgery, everyone will experience swelling in the forehead and around the eyes. However, this lasts for only a few days.


Another common side effect of hair transplant surgery is numbness. Patients typically report feeling numbness for several weeks after the surgery. This is usually only temporary.


Infections may occur after hair transplant surgery. But this is in rare cases. If it does happen, consult with your doctor.


Cysts can appear in the areas where the hair is being transplanted, also called the recipient areas, but they do not usually last more than a few weeks and are rarely more than the size of small pimples.


All hair transplant surgery will create small scars. Some people find them unacceptable. They want to wear their hair short, and they can see the scar peeking out from under their hair, even if no one else does.

Hair Transplant Alternatives

To sum up, hair transplantation does not always give the results you want and can lead to painful cysts and scarring and even life-threatening infections. It is much better to consider one of the leading hair restoration products on the market before you spend lots of money on surgery.

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    Some people are obsessed with their hair and come in all paranoid when they start losing just a little.

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