How To Reduce Hair Loss During The Menopause

As if they weren't going through enough, around 40% of women face hair loss and thinning during and after the menopause. This is caused by changes in hormone levels, particularly a drop in estrogen and a rise in the male hormone testosterone.

menopausal womanIf this is happening to you, it can be a frustrating process and you may feel like you have no control over the loss of your hair.

I am here to give you back that control with some helpful tips and tricks that will cause your hair loss to slow down or even stop.

There is even a way to make your lost hair grow back! Read on to find out more.

Cut Your Hair

If your hair is thinning it can really make you look older, especially if you have a hairstyle that is long. One hairstyle that can help to conceal the signs of hair loss is the bob. It suits almost every woman, and if you ask your hairdresser for advice they will be able to tailor this hairstyle to match your face shape.

I don't recommend cutting your own hair as a hairstylist will know the techniques to use for concealing thinning hair.

Change Your Diet

There are certain key things you should be getting in your diet in order to slow down hair loss caused by menopause. These include iron, which is found in lots of meat products including red meat and poultry. You should be getting at least 8 grams of protein a day.

Vegetarian and Vegan women may struggle to get enough iron in their diet. A plant-based protein shake is a great way to add a lot of protein to your diet.

Manage Stress

Stress itself causes hair to fall out quickly. Try to get your stress levels under control by reducing your overall stress levels by, for example, listening to a relaxation tape every night before bed. Or try meditating for 10 minutes a day to maintain a balanced mindset.

You can also consult a doctor if you feel this is a major problem in your life.


We aren't all keen to jump on the HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) bandwagon, but it is one method to consider. By balancing the hormones responsible for hair loss you may find your hair fall slows down or even stops.

There are risks associated with HRT that you must discuss with a healthcare professional.

Use a hair loss reduction product

As you can see from the title of this website, we are all about finding the very best products to stop hair loss in its tracks. And our top-rated hair loss reduction and regrowth product is a Norwegian formula called Har Vokse.

It is effective for menopausal women and consists of a spray and a supplement to treat hair loss from the inside and outside, quickly and safely.

You really have to read our full Har Vokse review to find out just how effective this product is.

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