How To Cure Patchy Hair Loss – Guide to Hair Regrowth

Having a healthy head of hair enhances ones appearance. But many people lose their hair and become worried about it. There are numerous ways to classify hair loss. One useful way has been to classify hair loss by whether the loss is localized around a small area or whether it affects large areas or the whole scalp.

The most unwelcome type of hair loss is patchy hair loss. Sometimes, it can make someone look very strange. There are many reasons for patchy hair loss. The reasons are:

  • patchy hair lossThe most common one is alopecia areata which is thought to be an autoimmune disease where the body produces antibodies against the cells responsible for hair growth and cause their destruction in localized areas.
  • Many patients get patchy hair loss following direct pressure on areas of hair, e.g., from a tight-fitting helmet, wearing certain hair accessories or pressing the head against a wall for a prolonged duration while watching TV, etc.
  • Another cause is mobile phones. Possibly, the radio waves emitted by the mobile phone could damage hair follicles and trigger an autoimmune inflammatory reaction in the area. People affected by mobile phones usually feel dull, aching pains in their ear on the same side.
  • Another reason is stress in day to day life.Stress usually causes hair loss in localized patches.

Now we know the causes of patchy hair loss we can look at ways to cure it  Ways to cure patchy hair loss are given below:

  • In many cases hair growth occurs spontaneously in a few months without any medical treatment.
  • Do not apply contact irritants from “helpful” friendly advice or home remedy tips! This may cause further worsening of the lesions and sometimes even cause permanent scarring if the irritant reaction is severe. It is to be noted that mild irritation does actually produce hair growth in some patients of alopecia areata. Possibly new inflammatory cells attracted to the area may be flushing out the auto antibodies and releasing the hair roots from their inhibitory effects.
  • Intradermal injection with corticosteroids is a very effective treatment for alopecia areata. This procedure should only be done by an experienced dermatologist.
  •  Like wise, application of topical steroids should be done only under medical supervision. Super potent steroids applied on face can cause permanent damage to the facial skin.
  • Review whether you are causing undue pressure on the area with tight fitting helmets or scarves, improper shaving techniques etc. Also correct your posture while sleeping or watching TV.
  • Use hands free sets or blue tooth for your cell phones. This will reduce the damaging effects of the radio waves emitted by the sets.
  • If your stress level is high, learn how to manage the stress.
  • Try one of the most effective hair regrowth products on the market. These are designed to eliminate patchy hair loss by growing new hairs where they were previously lost.

Follow these tips and you can begin to tackle your patchy hair loss in a simple and structured way. There is no need to suffer from this condition, there is hope. We recommend a product called Har Vokse for sufferers of patchy hair loss.

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