Help! I’m Not Coping With Hair Loss – What To Do To Help

Losing your hair can be traumatic,and many people don't realize how much of an effect it can have on the sufferer. Even the thought of saying to someone “I'm not coping with hair loss” seems impossible and off-putting.

People think to be good looking you have to have a full head of hair. Thankfully some celebrities have embraced the bald look recently, but hair loss acceptance has still to catch on.

Most people, if they had the choice, would choose to have a healthy head of hair. And when your hair is falling out uncontrollably you aren't left with a choice. It can be difficult to cope with.

No wonder you may be struggling to come to terms with losing your hair when studies have shown that the majority of people think bald people look older than their years and rate them as being less attractive.

Hair Loss Differences Between Men And Women

Coming to terms with hair loss involves understanding why it is happening to you. Did you know about the fundamental differences between men and women when it comes to hair loss? For example, men suffer from what's known as “male pattern baldness” which is a permanent and gradual loss of hair.

Women tend to suffer hair loss due to temporary problems such as a hormone imbalance. This can give them some relief in thinking that the issue of losing hair will pass over time, but sometimes they can suffer from health problems like alopecia and lose their hair completely and permanently.

A little known fact is that women have higher success rates from using hair regrowth products and pills. Some men do also respond very well to certain treatments, or only have partial results. The reason is for this difference is down to androgen levels in your body.

Coping With Hair Loss

Now you know why you are suffering, what can you do about coping with hair loss?

coping with hair lossThere is a theory that you should accept your hair loss. You are not your hair. So what if some stranger thinks you look unattractive because of your lack of hair, does it change your life in any way?

People you pass on the street are more worried about their own appearance, and simply won't take time to judge you. Chances are that you don't judge others appearance in your daily life.

A lot of acceptance comes down to self confidence. Lots of us lack self esteem, which is one reason why hair growth products are so popular. Remind yourself that you are not alone in this problem.

Even famous stars like Bruce Willis and Michael Jordan have lost their hair completely and are still considered attractive and desirable because of their talent and personalities.

How to Cause Hair Regrowth

Finding the right treatment for you is important because not everyone responds in the same way. You might even have tried a few of the products available on the market, from shampoos to drugs, but found that nothing worked.

Don't give up hope!

I believe the problem with most hair loss products is that they only tackle the problem from one angle. For example, a pill that works on stopping hair loss may not cause hair to regrow even if it successful for halting hair falling out.

Also, when you use a quality product like Har Vokse, you get a pill and a topical treatment spray as a dual-pronged approach to hair loss. It also works on stopping thinning of hair whilst encouraging hair regrowth, so really it's a win-win scenario.

That's why I feel confident recommending it as the number one hair regrowth product on the market.

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