Bald Head Hair Regrowth Remedies That Really Work

If you've recently noticed your hair thinning out to the point of baldness, or have thought about it happening in relation to genetics or aging, then you've certainly looked at prevention methods and ways to regrow your hair. There are more bald head hair regrowth remedies than you might think, and you will surely be glad to know this. You can use many of them together to have the best effects and the best chances of regrowing healthy and long-lasting hair.

No one likes to deal with losing hair. It happens for many reasons, and bald head hair regrowth remedies attack the condition from all sides. Here are some tips you can try at home:

  1. A simple head massage is a good first step. This might not seem noteworthy to you, but unfortunately, many people do not do this enough or at all. And, it can help improve blood circulation in your scalp.bald hair regrowth
  2. Another important remedy you can use is a herbal scalp rinse. In fact, you will notice that there are many types of natural ingredients you can use as a rinse, such as olive oil, apple cider vinegar and coconut oil. There you go, three more remedies to try out when attempting to regrow your hair. Lavender is another important ingredient when it comes to hair regrowth. This can be filed under the herbal rinse method. Chamomile is another herbal scalp rinse you can try as well.
  3. For those who still have some hair left, this is a warning for you. Stay away from hair conditioners. People often wonder about the importance of conditioner when they are already using shampoo. Many people leave it out, and that's a good thing. For starters, you're using a shampoo full of chemicals, and you think that conditioner, with even more chemicals, is going to help your hair? It might give it a better styling effect, but it's not going to help your hair health.
  4. Also, don't worry about leaving out the conditioners, as you can use natural substitutions. Coconut oil is a great substitution. Others include almond oil and jojoba oil. Also, if you're using a comb that has fine teeth, it's time to switch to a comb with wider teeth. It's amazing how many people do not do that.
  5. Flaxseed and Linseed oils are also essential when it comes to promoting hair regrowth. You can add these to foods and smoothies for an easy way to get nutrients into your body

You're not just stuck with one or two home remedies here. There are a ton of different things you can try out, and even if some of them don't work, you're talking natural ingredients with no bad side effects.

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