Scalp Med Review – Does it Work for Hair Regrowth?

When researching hair regrowth products I came across one called Scalp Med that was advertising via infomercials. It came with the usual promises of halting baldness and causing hair to regrow and there was a version of the product for men and women.

Does it really work though? Or is it just a scam? I set out to find out.

Scalp Med Ingredients

The key ingredient in Scalp Med is Minoxidil which is an FDA approved ingredient used in many hair regrowth products like Rogaine or Lipogaine. The problem with this ingredient is highlighted in the clinical study on this ingredient:

“Minoxidil must be used indefinitely for continued support of existing hair follicles and the maintenance of any experienced hair regrowth” – Minoxidil study

This means you need to keep using Scalp Med to keep any hair regrowth that occurs, which brings us onto the next point, cost.

Scalp Med Cost

The company behind Scalp Med sells it via a re-billing system whereby you pay a relatively cheap introductory price and then are locked into a recurring payment of $160 every two months.

They rely on the fact that many people won't remember to cancel the trial and will be billed over and over again for products they potentially don't need.

I prefer to have more control over the amount of a product that I buy and when I buy it.

Clinical Trials & Proofminoxidil study

I could not find any clinical trials to support Scalp Med's claims.

And although the company refers to Scalp Med as being FDA approved, they mean only Minoxidil is FDA approved, not the product. As it says in the websites small print:

“ScalpMEDĀ® is not endorsed by the FDA or any other government agency.”


The testimonials on Scalp Meds website look impressive but I wanted to delve deeper to find out what real users are saying.

Some users complain that they had an allergic reaction to the product and that it didn't work for them:

“It's been over 2 months and I see no result whatsoever. In fact, I seemed to have lost more hair.”

“My husband used it for about two weeks then his scalp broke out in a rash that spread to his eyes”

The biggest complaints seemed to stem from unauthorized charges on credit cards. One woman was sent the male formula by mistake, which she returned and then fought to get a refund:

“I just want my money back. I've been calling them many times about this and still no action was made. Scalpmed has no conscience at all.” – complaintsboard

The Verdict

I really can't recommend Scalp Med not only because of the fact that you need to keep using it forever to maintain hair regrowth, which will rack up a lot of money, but also because it seems to be difficult to cancel the free trial or get a refund.

Plus there are better products out there like Har Vokse. Har Vokse has a unique Norwegian formula that sets out to permanently restore lost hair via a supplement and spray system.

There is no shady re-billing, simply buy as much as you need and stop using it when your hair returns.

You really have to see this, so to find out more:

Click here for my Har Vokse review

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